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New magazine promises to be last with the news

Time Out international editor Marcus Webb has announced plans to launch a new quarterly magazine which he says will be “proud to be the last to carry breaking news”.

The magazine – called Delayed Gratification – will focus on revisiting the top stories of the previous months and highlighting others that readers may have missed when it launches on 10 January.

Webb told Press Gazette he would act as the editorial director of the new title, which is published by the Slow Journalistm Company, while continuing to work at Time Out.

He said the magazine would: “measure news in months not minutes, returning to stories after the dust has settled – we are proud to be the last to carry breaking news.

“Print media is not dead and nor is perspective. Delayed Gratification is based on both.”

The magazine will be available to buy online at £12 per issue or £40 for a year’s subscription. Webb said that copies will also be distributed in luxury hotels and airlines.

Rob Orchard, publishing director of the new title, said: “The price reflects the high production values and levels of editorial and design investment, plus the fact that we don’t want our magazine to feel like a brochure with a very high percentage of advertising.

“Though there isn’t a direct competitor for this title we’re big admirers of The Idler, The Believer and other titles which are happy to charge for editorial and not rely solely on advertisers for their income.”