New look BBC News website divides readers

The BBC prompted a blizzard of Twitter messages this morning after asking for feedback on its new-look website.

While many like the “uncluttered look” and comedian Stephen Fry said: “I think I like it” there was also a large amount of sharply critical feedback.

MPH1708 commented: “Was the redesign sponsored by a rival organisation” and Rob Marshall said: “Oh horrible. What’s happened to BBC news website? It looks like a design from 10 years ago and it’s rubbish.”

According to themagicmullet: “The new BBC news site looks like it’s been made by the work experience kid.”

NeilRetail said: “New BBC site – just ugh! What a nasty bit of design work. Is this really the best the world’s leading news organisation can do?”

But mrrobinmorley said: “The selection and integration of local/regional news to the main site looks much better” and lox333 said: “Absolutely love the new BBC News website. Cleaner, clearer and cleverer. I’ve got a new toy to play with!”

Several Twitterers expressed concern about the way the new site appears on smartphones, particular on the Apple iPhone

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