New figures make Guardian top newspaper website inside UK

The Guardian remains the most popular UK newspaper online among British readers according to the latest figures from Nielsen Online.

Based on a survey of UK web users, Nielson gave the Guardian three million uniques users in April (up 24 per cent year-on-year).

In second place was The Telegraph on 2.7 million, up 77 per cent year-on-year; The Sun was third on 1.9 million (up 20 per cent), The Times had 1.8 million (up 20 per cent) and the Daily Mail was in fifth place on 1.7 million unique users (up 92 per cent) – according to Nielson.

  • Guardian: three million (up 24 per cent)
  • Telegraph: 2.7 million (up 77 per cent)
  • Sun: 1.9 million (up 20 per cent)
  • Times 1.8 million (up 20 per cent)
  • Daily Mail: 1.7 million (up 92 per cent)

The figures come after the latest online figures issued by ABCe revealed last Thursday that the Telegraph was the top UK national newspaper website globally in April with 18.6 million unique visitors, overtaking The Guardian on 18.5 million.

The ABCe figures are based on data collected by the newspapers themselves using web auditing software. Like Nielsen, ABCe puts The Guardian top on UK-only web traffic – it gave the Guardian just under eight million readers in the UK followed by the Telegraph with just over six million.

Unlike ABCe, Nielsen also provides a breakdown of website users by heavy, medium and light usage – with many of the lightest users only visiting one story over the course of the month.

In all cases the vast majority of users were light.

Stephen Brooks, UK Managing Director, Nielsen Online, said: “Analysing the Telegraph’s audience by heavy, medium and light visitors reveals their dramatic growth in popularity is concentrated around light users, which could be due to the site’s improved visibility in search results. The Times, on the other hand, has experienced much less growth but this growth is mostly focused around heavy visitors.

“This encapsulates the ‘reach vs engagement’ conundrum that newspaper sites face – is the best path to financial success attracting the most visitors or having a smaller core of more engaged users?”

UK national newspaper traffic – types of user

  • Guardian: heavy 6 per cent; medium 11 per cent; light 80 per cent
  • Telegraph: heavy 7 per cent; medium 12 per cent; light 81 per cent
  • Sun: heavy 14 per cent; medium 16 per cent; light 70 per cent
  • Times: heavy 13 per cent; medium 17 per cent; light 70 per cent
  • Daily Mail: heavy 12 per cent; medium 14 per cent; light 75 per cent

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