The New Day keeps price at 25p as sales remain well short of 200,000 target

The New Day is not lifting its cover price to 50p as planned amid reports that its sales are currently standing at around 110,000 copies a day.

Trinity Mirror said it will now hold the price at 25p rather than upping it to 50p after two weeks in the market, as Trinity Mirror said when it launched.

A spokesman for Trinity Mirror said: “The New Day will continue at a trial price of 25p at the moment. As we said when we announced the paper, our marketing and pricing strategy is fluid while we are still launching the title.

“It will probably be 25p for a few weeks more but the plan is flexible at the moment.”

According to a report in the MediaGuardian, sales of The New Day have fallen by around 25 percent since its first day of paid sales last Tuesday when it was thought to have sold around 150,000 copies.

Sales on Monday were around 120,000 and 110,000 on Tuesday. The paper’s target circulation is 200,000.

The i newspaper also suffered from a slow start when it launched in 2010.

However, the title, helped by significant TV advertising, has been deemed a success (selling around 200,000 per day) and has been sold for £25 million to Johnston Press.

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