New dailies lined up for thriving Dubai

Two new daily newspapers are to be launched in Dubai, adding to the city state's already-burgeoning English language media scene.

The Observer's business editor for the past five years, Frank Kane, has been made editor of Arabian Business Standard — which is due to launch in the autumn.

And Press Gazette has learned that the Press Association is to produce a new daily sports paper for the Middle East, also based in Dubai.

The business paper is being launched by ITP — which already publishes 40 magazines in Dubai, including local versions of Time Out and Campaign.

Andrew Neil was named as nonexecutive chairman of ITP last month.

He said that Kane "brings formidable experience and reputation as a business journalist and business editor, and we look to him to create a world-class daily business newspaper for the UAE and the wider Gulf region".

Kane's distinguished business journalism career began on the Financial Times, where he was a sub from 1983 to 1986.

He was also involved in the launch of The Independent, headed up The Sunday Times's Insight investigations team, was Guardian City editor and helped launch the Sunday Business.

He said: "I'm very pleased to take up this exciting position in one of the most dynamic business regions of the world. The UAE and the Gulf are increasingly important in the global economy, and I look forward to producing the high-quality business daily they deserve."

The PA-backed project is a six-daysa- week specialist title called Sport100.

It is the idea of Ashley Northcote, a former executive with the free newspaper Metro International, who was also behind the launch of Dubai-based free daily 7 Days in 2003.

A spokesman for the project said: "Sport100 will be a truly global product.

Tapping into the international, cosmopolitan population of Dubai, Mr Northcote plans an initial print run of 30,000 copies, which will be distributed free to specially selected households and chosen commercial outlets such as offices and leisure venues.

"Eventually, it is hoped the Sport100 model can be rolled out to other Middle Eastern cities and worldwide in future years. Sport100 is produced for Mr Northcote by PA Sport, a division of the PA Group. As well as supplying the editorial and data content, this material is supplied by PA Sport in a fully ‘print ready' format."

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