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National newspapers go to press as late as 6am to carry surprise election news: Front page round-up

The Daily Mirror has predicted "five more damned years" and the Daily Mail said "Hallelujah!" as the election results came in last night.

A number of national newspapers have published extra editions, going to press as late as 6am, to bring their readers the latest forecasts, which currently suggest a surprise Conservative majority.

The Sun, for instance, published five editions last night, the last at 6am. Ordinarily, it publishes two, with the second going to press at 12.30am.

Over the night, the Mirror's front page headline changed from "Five more damned years?" to "Five more damned years" (below).

Pictured above: Two editions of The Sun from last night

The Daily Mirror and The Guardian were the only two daily national newspapers to give Labour their backing ahead of the vote.

Elsewhere, the Mail hailed the election results, saying: "Hallelujah! Britain votes for sanity".

Along with the Mail, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Sun and Evening Standard all gave their backing to the Tories prior to the election.

The Financial Times and Independent, meanwhile, gave their support to another Tory-Lib Dem coalition.

While the national edition of The Sun led on the Conservative victory, its Scottish edition – which backed the SNP – front page reported on the large number of seats won by Nicola Sturgeon's party.

The Daily Record described it as a "poll sensation", while the Scottish Daily Mail reported on both the Tory and SNP victories with the headline: "Disunited kingdom".

The Daily Express was the only daily national newspaper to give its backing to UKIP.

Its front page reported on the fact David Cameron is "set to stay at No 10", but also on UKIP defying "critics with vote surge".



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