National newspaper circulations, May 2015: Mail on Sunday overtakes Sun on Sunday, Times remains only growing title

The Mail on Sunday overtook The Sun on Sunday to become the UK's biggest Sunday newspaper last month.

The Mail title was down 3.5 per cent year on year, but in the month of the election saw its circulation increase by around 50,000 to 1,497,855.

The Sun on Sunday, meanwhile, recorded an average circulation of 1,469,195, down 14 per cent year on year.

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The Sun on Sunday remains slightly ahead in terms of paid-for sales, however, because the MoS total includes 67,823 free bulk copies.

Meanwhile, The Times was again the best performing national newspaper in terms of year-on-year change, up 1.1 per cent to 397,171.

All other titles were down on last May, but many recorded month-on-month circulation rises in the month of the election. The Observer, for example, was up 3.2 per cent on April to 202,824.

After The Times, the next best performing newspapers in terms of year-on-year performance were The Independent on Sunday (down 0.3 per cent to 101,179), the Daily Mail and the i (both down 3 per cent to 1,657,867 and 280,074 respectively).

The worst performing were the Sunday People (down 15.1 per cent to 318,139), The Sun on Sunday and the Daily Star Sunday (down 13.2 per cent to 253,813).

In a press release on The Mail on Sunday overtaking The Sun on Sunday, it was also noted that the Daily Mail continues to have a larger circulation than The Sun on a Saturday.

Rosemary Gorman, advertising director, Mail Newspapers, said: “Today’s ABC figures show that, as the market leaders on both Saturday and Sunday, the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday provide a comprehensive weekend communications proposition for advertisers.

“Our reputation across our papers is unrivalled – The Mail on Sunday was recently voted Sunday Newspaper of the Year for the third consecutive year. Combined with our reach, it shows that we offer a trusted environment in which to connect with 4 million engaged and upmarket readers who are enjoying a relaxed Sunday mind-set and planning their next big purchase.”

Daily national newspapers circulations, May 2015:

Newspaper Average circulation, May 2015 % change on April 2015 Year on year % change Bulks
Daily Mirror 868,992 -1.42 -9.01 45,000
Daily Record 193,907 -1.50 -11.08 4,961
Daily Star 417,538 -0.58 -11.89  
The Sun 1,809,240 -2.61 -13.07  
Daily Express 432,076 -1.25 -10.26  
Daily Mail 1,657,867 1.64 -3.00 74,787
The Daily Telegraph 486,262 0.05 -5.32  
Financial Times 210,481 -0.95 -4.64 22,720
The Guardian 178,758 1.48 -4.37  
i 280,074 1.50 -3.03 67,448
The Independent 60,438 2.18 -3.24 15,981
The Times 397,171 0.85 1.13 20,830

Sunday national newspaper circulations, May 2015

Newspaper Average circulation, May 2015 % change on April 2015 Year on year % change Bulks
Daily Star – Sunday 253,813 -0.17 -13.17  
The Sun on Sunday 1,469,195 -0.32 -13.95  
Sunday Mail 212,057 -1.73 -12.77 3,822
Sunday Mirror 833,379 0.04 -10.64 45,000
Sunday People 318,139 -1.69 -15.05  
The Mail on Sunday 1,497,855 3.50 -3.30 67,823
Sunday Express 382,343 -0.78 -9.69  
Sunday Post 178,914 -1.90 -13.05  
Independent on Sunday 101,179 2.71 -0.34 52,143
The Observer 202,824 3.26 -3.56  
The Sunday Telegraph 380,922 2.72 -5.90  
The Sunday Times 793,517 -1.87 -6.04 11,025



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