Natali Prize shortlist unveiled

A shortlist of 16 journalists in line for five €10,000 awards for this year’s Natali Prize for Journalism has been announced by the International Federation of Journalists.

The awards recognise excellence in reporting human rights, democracy and development.

The shortlist comprises: Africa: Jessica Bezuidenhout and Mzilikazi Wa Afrika (South Africa), for their investigation into South Africa’s first forestry privatisation deals, published in The Sunday Times; Ken Opala (Kenya), for a series of articles on the death penalty, all published in Daily Nation; Dorothy Otieno (Kenya), for a series of articles on female genital mutilation, all published in East African Standard.

The Arab World, Iran and Israel: Walid Batrawi (Palestine), for his article “Media-less Reforms vs.

Reform-less Media”, published online at Arab Media Internet Network and in Al-Ayyam Daily; Jessica Peterson (Palestine), for her article “Strangling Qalqilya”, published online at Palestine Report; Atef Saad (Palestine), for his article “Teachers rescue classes, despite checkpoints”, published online at Palestine Report.

Asia and the Pacific: Massoud Ansari (Pakistan), for his article “The Great Repatriation Scam”, published in Newsline; Sergei Duvanov (Kazakhstan), for his articles “I Do Not Believe”, “Silence of the Lambs” and “Billion – The Account, But Not That”, published in SolDat and online at Eurasia and KUB; Muzamil Jaleel (India), for his series on the human costs of the Kashmir conflict, published in The Indian Express, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Europe: Rolf Bauerdick (Germany), for his report “Von wie wenig kann man leben? – Müllmenschen in Oradea/Rumänien”, published in Brigitte-Magazin; Sofia Branco (Portugal), for her investigation on the possible practice of female genital mutilation within the Guinea community in Portugal, published in Público; Sandra Camps Ocaña (Spain), for her report “Retrato de las ONG”, published in El Pais Semanal.

Latin America and the Caribbean: Daniela Arbex (Brazil), for her series “Cova 312” on the discovery of the grave of Milton Soares de Castro – a militant politician who disappeared 35 years ago under the Brazilian dictatorship; Klester Cavalcanti (Brazil), for his article “Vi?vas da terra”, published in Revista Terra; José Fernando Hoyos Estrada (Colombia), for his report “Qué puedo hacer por Colombia?”, published in Semana.

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