My perfect picture: Clive Dixon

To me a perfect picture is one that inspires, excites and is fixed in your memory forever. In this ever-changing industry where we see more photographs daily than we could have ever imagined just a few years ago, this rarely happens.

However, it did happen on last Monday morning at about 7.30am while going through the daily tabloids to see what Britney, Victoria and Lindsay had been up to. And there it was, in the Daily Mail.

In this case, it was not just another picture in a newspaper. To me, this photograph [of an American bald eagle catching a fish in a Lanzorote nature reserve, taken by tourist Dean Bertonceli], was a work of art. It is a split-second work of art, with all the emotion, depth and texture normally associated to a great oil painting. What will determine the future and value of this picture is if it arouses the same passion in others as it did in me.

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