My job: Theresa Dowling

How did you get where you are today?

Through a convoluted series of events. My career has never been a straightforward linear progression to success, and I’m happy to have experienced the very best ups as well as the crashing disappointments. My background is fine art, so my commercial success at graphics, journalism and publishing has evolved from others being prepared to take a chance on me.

What are your main tasks?

People management and team leadership, as well as spotting good stories and oppor?tunities editorial, or otherwise. It’s always important to keep your eye on the bigger picture and have a vision, rather than looking only to the next deadline.

What are the most important things to know?

What constitutes a good read. And how what you publish affects everyone: the readership, the projects, the sales and the magazine’s influence. Never get complacent.

How important are your contacts?

They are very important, but nurturing relationships is what we all try to do in life. Forging new contacts is always important, as well as maintaining old ones.

What’s your key to success?

Keep developing, learning and achieving, par?ticularly in adversity. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

What do you like and dislike about your job?

I love the variety and flexibility, and the excitement of delivering something that people want to read. The people factor is important too; it’s a lively industry with a vibrant culture. It’s hard to pinpoint a dislike, although too many lunches could see me expanding …

– I enjoy working with a very strong back-up team, and meeting a variety of personalities in the contract industry – no two are the same!

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