Muslim Girl magazine goes digital for UK

A magazine for Muslim teenage girls in the USA, with a small distribution in the UK, is soon to have a digital edition making it more easily available in the UK.

The bi-monthly Muslim Girl magazine was launched in the USA last year, with a circulation of 50,000, with the aim of dispelling Muslim stereotypes. It currently has a UK distribution of 1,000.

Editor-in-chief Ausma Khan said that the magazine gives young Muslim girls a chance to get involved in issues that matter to them. She said: ‘There is a real lack of representation in mainstream media and though we expect that to change over the next generation, this is a critical time for Muslims to engage in their broader society.

‘Muslim girls were telling us that they felt isolated and marginalised, and to us the magazine represented a real opportunity to connect girls together and give them a place where their voices could be heard.”

Each edition of Muslim Girl has a different theme, and last year the magazine focused on Afghanistan, celebrating family and women in the arts.

In addition, the publication has advice columns on health, relationships and ethics, and has regular feature on Qur’an notes and values.

Khan said that the reception of Muslim Girl in the USA has been positive, with the exception of some criticism that not all the girls in the magazine wear headscarves.

‘However, the girls themselves – both hijab-wearing and non-hijab-wearing – demonstrate much more acceptance of each other and solidarity. We’re very inspired by that.”

The magazine is published by ExecuGo Media in Toronto and distributed worldwide by RCS in Los Angeles. If demand in the UK increases a UK edition may be considered.

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