Murdered Russian journalist's last report details torture allegations

Anna Politkovskaya's newspaper today published the article about torture in Chechnya she was working on when she was murdered.

The unfinished piece was also published in full in today's Independent.

The version in Novaya Gazeta newspaper was accompanied by graphic images taken from a video and described the alleged torture by Kremlin-backed Chechen security services of two young men branded terrorists.
The video was apparently shot by the people carrying out the torture.

One of the photos also showed a man lying in a pool of blood who had apparently been murdered.

Politkovskaya was shot dead outside her home in Moscow on Saturday prompting international outrage and allegations that her death was ordered by someone in authority to stop her critical articles.

Two years ago she was allegedly poisoned whilst on her way to Beslan to cover the school seige there.

Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov has denied any part in her killing.

He said: "I don't kill women and never have. Women should be loved; for us Chechens, a woman is sacred. I think that those who ordered Anna Politkovskaya's murder wanted to blacken me."

In her last story she alleged that dozens of Chechens are being "fitted up" and convicted as terrorists.

One Chechen man interviewed said he was arrested in Ukraine, handed over to the Russian authorities and tortured until a confession had been extracted.

She said of the Russian authorities: "Prosecutors and judges are not acting on behalf of the law and they are not interested in punishing the guilty. Instead, they work to political order to make the Kremlin's nice anti-terrorist score sheet look good and cases are cooked up like blinys."

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