MPs heap praise on press gallery

By David Rose

Westminster political journalists had proof, if it was needed, that
an election was in the offing when they found themselves, unusually,
being praised, rather than criticised, by MPs.

Press Gallery reporters were included in a tribute 81 Tory MPs paid
to Parliamentary staff following the showdown between Commons and Lords
before the Government’s anti-terrorism law was passed. Without such
professionalism, the MPs noted, the House could not operate effectively.

The Press Association’s Parliamentary staff reported proceedings throughout.

Mason, the PA’s Parliamentary editor, and reporters Joe Churcher and
Vivienne Morgan worked the entire 32 hour-long session.

“It was such a good story the adrenaline kept us going,” Mason told Press Gazette. “It was a superb all-round effort.”

Gallery chairman John Hipwood, political editor of the Express &
Star, Wolverhampton, said the Commons motion “represents a pleasant
change from the traditional tendency of MPs to criticise the press.
Many members of the Gallery did put in extra house and as usual the PA
Parliamentary staff made sure that nothing was missed.

“We were pleased to be able to report a story which made Parliament look relevant again.”

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