Mother writes to PM over journalist killed in Gaza

The mother of James Miller, the British film-maker shot and killed in Gaza, presented a letter to Downing Street on Monday, a move timed to coincide with a visit by the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

Eileen Miller's letter asks the Israeli Prime Minister to reopen the case into her son's killing and to prosecute the soldier concerned.

In her letter, Miller wrote: "Although this is a personal plea to achieve justice for my son, there is the wider issue of international perception of Israel Defence Force officers being able to act with impunity, bringing shame on Israel and decent Israeli citizens.

"The government of Israel bears ultimate responsibility for the actions of its forces. In this case, internal military investigations have failed to achieve any form of justice and therefore government intervention is necessary."

James Miller was killed by an IDF soldier in Gaza in May 2003 while he was making a documentary. He was carrying a white flag, clearly identifying him as a journalist.

Israeli forces in Gaza also killed another British journalist, Tom Hurndall. Juries in inquests for the two men found that they had been unlawfully killed.

Following the jury's verdict on James Miller in May, the Israeli embassy in London said: "After a very thorough investigation using laboratories in Israel and abroad, and after reviewing all available evidence, it was not possible to reach a conclusion that could provide a basis for proceedings under criminal law.

"These considerations regarding evidence are relevant in all legal systems, including the UK."

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