More to Scolari's England knock back than press intrusion

Portugal manager Luiz Felipe Scolari's decision not to become
England manager was influenced by more than just his apparent hatred of
press intrusion.

In his first interview since turning down the
job offer from the FA in April, Scolari revealed that the main reason
for saying no was loyalty to his current team – Portugal – on the eve
of the World Cup.

In April, Scolari hit out at British press
intrusion and spoke of "absurd comparisons" made between the way he and
his wife dressed and Sven and Nancy.

He said: "That's not part of my life and it's never going to be."

last night, Scolari told the BBC: "Everything happened in a very good
atmosphere, the FA did everything officially, and they contacted the
Portuguese Federation asking them if they can talk with me.

really liked the people I met from the FA. The Portuguese Federation
President always knew what was going on. Everything was going well but
we stopped at a crucial point for both [of us].

"They needed to
announce the new England coach in a period that was impossible for me.
I have a contract until 31st July with Portugal. I did not use the
situation to sign a new contract with Portugal. My contract runs out on
the 31st July.

"We created a very good relationship but the
problem was, the person I am, I couldn't decide to be a coach of
another country before a World Cup when I was representing Portugal.
Imagine if I meet England during the World Cup and I have to say to my
players, 'Die for Portugal'.

"I only can say to my players what I
really feel. Perhaps in Europe it's normal but I am Brazilian and I
didn't feel good in that situation.

"We tried to create new
alternatives but I decided that before the World Cup it was impossible.
It created in Portugal a situation that I didn't like and I didn't feel
good. It was very hard for me to take the decision.

"Also I
wanted to bring my staff to support me in my job and this possibility
was not very clear. I made my decision on the airplane coming home. I
called my staff and I communicated my decision and they were with me. I
called the Portuguese team manager and I did the same.

"Then I
called my President and my family to say that I would honour my
contract until the end of the World Cup like I agreed before, with no
compromises to anybody because this is my project, this is my goal.

desire the best for England, I very much like the people I met from the
FA. I hope people understand the situation and one day, why not, I can
coach the English team, when I am free."

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