Monocle publishes a summer newspaper: all yours for just £7

Achingly cool magazine Monocle has launched a summer offshoot – a newspaper designed as a ‘handsome companion from sun lounger to sun downers”.

And the “Monocle Mediterraneo” beach special – “on sale in all the best resorts, from the West Coast to the eastern Med and the key airport hubs in between” – is available for the knock-down price of just £7.

‘There’s a huge amount of talk about the death of print, thanks to various types of pad’ devices,’Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé was reported saying in the Standard.

‘But if you think of summer – with sand, swimming, sun cream and socialising – a carefully crafted newspaper is more useful and reader-friendly than a backlit screen that hates the sun and salt.”

Personally, I prefer to take jigsaws of English Heritage sites to the beach. Could Monocle conjure me up an international jetset version? I can stretch to £3.57.


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