MoD to offer online video content

The Ministry of Defence has become the first Government department to enable journalists to download video on demand in full broadcast quality from its website.

Journalists around the world can access high-bandwidth video content from the Army and Royal Air Force operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, drugs busts by the Navy and ministerial visits. The MoD will also provide video footage of initiatives such as the support of war veterans.

The MoD says media demand for video content has risen significantly as more people use broadband internet connections. The MoD’s move is a response to the ever-increasing need for fast and easy access to video content in the era of 24-hour news.

The video news is delivered by online content provider, Newsmarket. A spokesman for Newsmarket said: “Government agencies worldwide are increasingly competing for investment and public support for their missions.

“The Ministry of Defence’s decision to offer broadcast-standard video online underscored the opportunity to engage with the world’s media in a new and exciting way"

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