Mirror claims The Sun is repeat offender on copyright

By Dominic Ponsford
The Sun is the latest national paper to be accused of stealing photos from a rival by scanning them in off the page.
The Mirror claims the rival red-top took a
picture of murder suspect Hugo Quintas by shooting it out of page 11 of
Tuesday’s paper to be used on page 15 of The Sun on Wednesday.
A Mirror request made on Tuesday night for The Sun to remove the picture from later editions was apparently ignored by The Sun.
A spokesman for the Daily Mirror said: “We have
written confirmation from the person who took the picture that we had
permission to use it, and The Sun didn’t.
“Not for the first time, The Sun has abandoned
all semblance of journalistic integrity and ripped off a picture from a
rival newspaper.
“It has a history of this kind of blatant theft and is fast becoming a serial offender.”
The Sun paid out around £2,000 in compensation
after admitting that it scanned in a picture of murder suspect Terence
Rogersfrom the Daily Mirror last August. And in February the
Mirror accused the Sun of scanning its exclusive prison picture of
Lotto rapist Iorworth Hoare.
In January this year it was The Sun crying foul
over picture theft.
The paper sued the Daily Mail for “flagrant breach of copyright” after
it lifted an exclusive Sun picture of Prince Harry dressed in Nazi
The Mail on Sunday made an out-of-court settlement to the Sunday Telegraph after it stole a picture last November.
The MoS scanned in a picture of Kimberly Quinn’s
nanny taken from the first edition of the Sunday Telegraph following
its scoop about visa fast-tracking by then home secretary David
Although newspapers regularly lift each other’s
stories with relative impunity, there is no “fair dealing” copyright
defence in the use of news pictures without attribution.
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