Mirror and Standard lead sales plunge

The Daily Mirror and Evening Standard continue to lead the tumble downwards in the March ABC figures.
The Mirror is down 9.7 per cent year-on-year, the
biggest drop of any national daily, to 1,720,722, and the Evening Standard is
down 12.09 per cent to 346,265.
However, the Standard has claimed an overall growth in circulation when
free copies of Standard Lite, handed out at lunchtime in central
London, are taken into consideration.
That makes for a combined circulation figure of 422,565 (compared with
393,887 a year ago).
Evening Standard managing director Mike Anderson
said: “These figures demonstrate that more people are reading more
editions of the Evening Standard every day.
“When we launched Standard Lite, the promise to
advertisers was more circulation and more value, and we are continuing
to deliver on this promise.”
At the Daily Mirror a small month-on-month
circulation rise (0.06 per cent) suggests that editor Richard Wallace
may be putting the brakes on its circulation dive.
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