Miron may Live to regret his comments

Word reaches me from La Manga of the wax and wane of a once bright star in the Associated Newspapers firmament.

Mail on Sunday managing director Stephen Miron gave himself a pivotal role in the annual junket which masquerades as the Intra-Company Golf Tournament.

Newly installed as captain of the Northcliffe Golfing Society, Miron opened proceedings with a witty, if somewhat barbed speech, which contained several digs made at the expensive of his rivals in the Associated senior management rat race.

In response, the chairman and host for the weekend, Lord Rothermere, commended Miron for his bravery in delivering such a “reckless” speech and went on to express confidence that Live magazine would make money by the time his son had left university.

Live, the would-be lads mag supplement of the MoS, was Miron’s brainchild and remains his baby, despite continuing to lose shedloads of Lord
Rothermere’s cash.

Young Vere Harmsworth, the son to whom Lord R was referring, is 13. Most observers believe that Live will be a distant memory long before he even tackles his A-levels.

In the same speech, the chairman went on to welcome Associated Newspapers’ tennis section, which was joining the event for the first time under their captain Peter Davenport.

Miron recently fired Davenport from his post as an advertising executive on the MoS. He was blissfully unaware that Davenport was, and remains, Lord Rothermere’s weekly tennis partner.

Davenport is now an advertising executive on the Daily Mail.

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