Ministry is not ready to bin Trash

Trash, the style magazine produced by Condé Nast on behalf of Ministry of Sound (MoS), is reviewing its frequency after just one issue.

MoS put out a press release claiming the ?rst issue had “notched up strong sales” but said it was in talks with Condé Nast over the frequency, which is likely to change from bimonthly to quarterly. Sources say there are plans for an overhaul and MoS has called for dramatic changes to design and content. According to one publisher’s estimates, sales of the ?rst issue were between 9,000 and 12,000. Trash was hoping to achieve a settle-down sale of 100,000.

Condé Nast declined to comment on sales, claiming it had outsold both The Face and Dazed & Confused. In a statement, MoS said it was “further developing the look and feel of the magazine” and was taking on board creative, branding and content changes agreed with Condé Nast. Art director Steve Read left shortly after the launch to work for Jack.

MoS chief executive Mark Rodel said: “The pilot issue has been very successful and we are now working with Condé Nast to ensure that the next issue has an even tighter ?t with the Ministry of Sound brand.” MoS is said to be determined to make a success of Trash, following the closure of Ministry. The aim was to draw on MoS’s experience in music and global youth culture and Condé Nast’s style and publishing expertise.

“Ministry of Sound wanted a very different product from Ministry, that is why they went to Condé Nast. But it’s a case of Condé Nast having to satisfy their client. Ministry can be quite dif?cult because they are so precious about their brand,” a source said.

By Ruth Addicott

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