Metro fastest growing UK newspaper website, Mirror daily total exceeds 2m, Mail Online stays top

Metro was the fastest growing UK national newspaper website in December with daily traffic up nearly three-fold year on year to 835,980 ‘unique browsers’ per day, according to ABC.

The free daily was up against poor figures from a year ago when its new website was still bedding in and is evidently now feeling the benefit of the new platform.

Mail Online continues to be the most popular UK national newspaper website, with 9.8m global browsers per day. This was slightly down on November when it broke through the 10m barrier for the first time.

The Mirror website continues to cash in the fact that its main rival The Sun has been behind a paywall since last August. Its daily total rose above 2m for the first time, up by 132 per cent year on year, providing some consolation in the same month that print circulation dropped below a million.

The Telegraph was the slowest growing national newspaper website, evidently feeling the effects of going behind a metered paywall last March. Visitors to must buy a subscription in order to read more than 20 articles per month.

Telegraph Media Group has yet to reveal how many paying subscribers it has attracted.

Note: These figures are based on ‘unique browsers’, so different devices. Monthly figures are likely to be inflated by the fact that people delete their ‘cookies’ meaning that their devices may be counted twice.

Mail Online

  • Daily: 9,810,129, up 39.4 per cent
  • Monthly: 114,037,081, up 41.5 per cent

  • Daily: 4,595,213, up 24.8 per cent
  • Monthly: 85,259,691, up 24.3 per cent


  • Daily: 2,951,609, up 5 per cent
  • Monthly: 60,977,459, up 7.7 per cent year on year

Mirror Group Digital

  • Daily: 2,023,770, up 135.5 per cent
  • Monthly: 42,880,543, up 131.9 per cent

The Independent

  • Daily: 1,355,770, up 39.6 per cent
  • Monthly: 29,894,151, up 40.7 per cent


  • Daily: 835,980, up 295.2 per cent
  • Monthly: 19,549,963, up 274 per cent

  • Daily: 197,930, up 38 per cent
  • Monthly: 4,550,485, up 37.6 per cent




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