Men's magazine ABCs: Men's Health in double-digit drop as free Shortlist holds firm

Men’s Health has recorded the biggest circulation drop across the men’s magazine market, with only free Shortlist holding firm.

New ABC figures for the six-months from January to June this year show Men’s Health, published by Hearst UK, has fallen by 16 per cent year-on-year to 146,047.

Weekly title Shortlist is the UK’s most-widely read men’s magazine, according to the figures released today, with a distribution of 502,667.

GQ was down 4 per cent year-on-year to an average circulation of 110,051.

A number of men’s titles have opted not to be included in the audit for the first half of the year, including Stuff magazine, which was sold off by Haymarket Media Group in June, and Men’s Fitness, which had a circulation of 21,183 in the final six months of 2017.

Men’s magazine circulation figures for  Jan-June 2018 (source: ABC):

Publication ABC Total Jan-June 2018 (avg per issue) Year-on-year % change Free copies
Shortlist FREE 502,667 0% All
Men’s Health 146,047 -16% 51,514
GQ 110,051 -4% 14,576
Esquire 60,456 -3% 28,511
Square Mile FREE 58,650 -1% All


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