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Meanwhile, in the bunker...

Internet boffins at the News of the World are the latest people add to their own subtitles to the German film Downfall.

In one earlier YouTube favourite, Der Führer is depicted ranting that Arsenal has beaten his beloved Spurs 3-1.

In the NoW version, Hitler’s bunker is reimagined as a meeting of newspaper executives. When he asks how the “other Axis powers” are faring in the circulation war a general replies: “Dreadful. The Express have already surrendered ‒ Associated have been forced to burn their own money on free DVDs and Prince giveaways in order to prop up their ailing war machine. We cannot win the war by relying on conventional printed editions.”

Another general warns the Führer that he has heard the News of the World is planning a new digital offensive: “Soon, every reporter, photographer and sub-editor will have the opportunity to become involved in their online and mobile operations.”

An infuriated Hitler responds: “The News of the World can stick their mobiles up their arses.”



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