Maximum Impact 09.06.06

The storm clouds gathering above Heather Mills McCartney in recent weeks look like raining down all over her any time now. Monday's Sun exclusive revealing Heather's porn photo past was the straw that broke the camel's back and makes more revelations almost a certainty.

Since she first got involved with Paul McCartney I've been approached by several ladies, all with colourful stories about her past.

These calls have come from as far as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Marbella and various parts of Britain. They also involve one or two rich and famous people.

Various articles over the past few years have been extremely appetising for Fleet Street's finest, but made them increasingly aware that the main course was just out of reach for them. They knew a lot more than they printed, but that's about to change I think.

McCartney's power and money has given Heather protection, but that has changed. Since Monday's Sun story, the fear that editors and lawyers have demonstrated to me concerning Heather's past has disappeared and the phones have been red hot from journalists wanting to take up where they left off in the past.

I've been in Marbella in recent weeks and journalists from three national newspapers are currently on their way to do interviews down here with some of Heather's old friends and acquaintances.

We know a lot about Heather Mills McCartney, but it could well be that in the days ahead we're going to know even more.

In America recently, the final of American Idol was seen by more than 35 million, and 63 million votes were cast to make Taylor Hicks the winner of the 2006 competition. Although Simon Cowell has enjoyed huge success judging on both sides of the Atlantic, it was the recent Celebrity X-Factor that gave him his most difficult challenge.

The problem is, Simon always says it exactly as he sees it and that's why he has been so successful. But when you're being asked to be critical to celebrities, most of whom admit they can't sing and several of whom were only humiliating themselves for the benefit for their various charities, it's very hard for Mr Nasty to be himself.

Fortunately Sharon Osbourne's personal attacks on Rebecca Loos, coupled with Louis as usual making the same comments in a variety of ways on all of the performers, made it easier for Simon to avoid being his normal critical self. I know he's very relieved it's over and he can now get back to being the Simon we all know, hellbent on discovering real singing talent and being cruel to be kind and complimentary to real talent.

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