Maxim revises ABC figure

Maxim’s total ABC figures for July-December 2005 have been recounted
after 4,530 free copies given to companies were put into the overall
bulk distribution total.

The new figure for the men’s lifestyle glossy will now stand at
Maxim experienced the second-largest drop in the men’s lifestyle sector
in their last ABCs after year on year sales fell 18.7 per cent, with
average net circulation for the six months to December 2005 standing at

The publisher said the next ABC figures will see Maxim and Men¹s Fitness join Viz and Bizarre in being free of these copies.

Bruce Sandell, MD of Dennis Consumer said: “We have been working with the ABC to
speedily resolve this discrepancy, as we value clarity and so do our
advertisers. Our decision to go bulk free was initiated through our
commitment to transparency.”

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