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To help understand the intersection between news and advertising Press Gazette has launched a new fortnightly email newsletter called Media Matters.

To sign up for our free fortnightly Marketing Matters email please fill in your details here:

This bulletin should be essential reading for chief marketing officers and those involved in making strategic decisions about advertising spend. And it will be useful for anyone who wants to understand the modern global digital news ecosystem.

The email will be a mix of in-depth analysis, explainer-style features, exclusive research and must-read articles pulled together from across the web.

Marketing matters because, at a practical level, much journalism can only exist if it helps connect brands with audiences. Most surveys find that only 5% of readers will ever take out a subscription for online news, so if we want journalism to be read in digital form by a mass audience it is important to find new ways to make digital advertising work.

Upcoming Marketing Matters features include:

  • The tech all marketers need to know about
  • The future of B2B marketing
  • Why the current digital advertising model is broken
  • Lead generation marketing: What is it and why does it matter?
  • The future of native content: Does it have one?
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