Marie Claire goes shopping in bid to halt sales decline

Flagging women's monthly Marie Claire relaunches on 5 October with increased emphasis on what it sees as its core strengths of fashion, beauty, real-life, celebrity and advice.

The relaunch includes a tripling in size of the magazine's "High Fashion" section, now called "The Shops", and a regular celebrity interview by Janet Street Porter.

Publishing director Richard Johnstone told Press Gazette: "The Shops is one of the ways we feel we can win in fashion and beauty, by going to our readers and offering them the kind of high street and catwalk editorial that other magazines can't really do or don't do currently."

A new advice section called "Guru" will comprise eight to 10 pages of advice by specially commissioned experts.

Johnstone said: "The people that we've brought in and the topics that we discuss will give it a point of difference and make it resonate with our 30-something reader."

Marie Claire's circulation dropped by 13.2 per cent year on year to an average of 331,127 in the last half-year magazine ABCs.

Asked about the threat from the booming weekly women's titles, Johnstone said: "Basically, the monthlies offer a different level of insight and depth to stories that weeklies can't touch.

"Weeklies very much tell you who's fat, who's thin, who's dating who, who wore what, but the monthlies go into a different level of detail and appeal to a different time in a woman's day-to-day life."

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