Mandy and Brown will write Whitehall history

Farewell then to Amanda Brown, who has stepped down after covering the antics of the House of Lords for the Press Association for almost 30 years.

Mandy, as she’s fondly known, is married to Independent deputy political editor Colin Brown, a first-rate journalist who has written a biography of John Prescott. Colin’s next tome is The History of Whitehall, which will be published next year, and Mandy will use her talents to help her husband compile it.

Mandy has always been an excellent chronicler of events in the Upper House and other hacks simply loved sitting next to her because of her extravagant and lavish use of French perfume, Rive Gauche ‒ apparently she’s allergic to everything else.

Ah, how you’ll be missed, Mandy. Bonne chance!

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