Manchester Evening News set to publish cross-media ABC figures

The Manchester Evening News will today become the first regional newspaper to regularly publish its website traffic figures along with its print circulation figures.

When regional newspaper’s semi-annual ABC circulation report is published at noon today, MEN Media will release a “group product report”, and ABC document which includes both its print and online figures. It will be publishing this cross-media report every six months, a spokesman for the circulation auditing body said.

The MEN’s website,, is believed to be the regional newspaper website with the largest online readership. In a previous ABCe report, published last November (PDF), the site reported 1,534,981 monthly unique users generating 9,150,815 page impressions.

The Guardian Media Group-owned MEN adopted a part-free distribution strategy in 2006, causing its headline paid circulation figure to plummet in recent ABC audits. However, the paper’s editor, Paul Horrocks, says its total cross-media readership is actually on the up, particularly among a younger, wealthier readership in the city centre.

In January, the MEN, along with other papers that have adopted a part-free strategy, won their efforts to have their free and paid circulation figures combined beginning in the August ABC audits.

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