Mail's Chinese story was no exclusive

From: Keith Harrison Subject: Brum regionals spat Your story
“Nanjing answers Brum Mail” (Press Gazette, 30 September), raised a wry
smile in the West Midlands.

The fact is that most of the local
media, including the Express & Star, had asked questions of the
Chinese, not just the Evening Mail.

When the answers eventually came, they were in a press release sent to all and sundry.

Dyson’s claim that this development was “down to the Evening Mail” is
almost as spurious as the “exclusive” tag they ran on the story, which
was on the internet, TV and radio before the Mail was even on the
streets. It was also the lead in that night’s E&S.

Still, it’s reassuring to read further down the article that the Mail “deals in transparency”.

Maybe that’s why most people – though not, apparently, Press Gazette – could see right through it.

Keith Harrison Deputy editor Express & Star

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