Mail reporter treats her interviewee like royalty

With this being the party season, Axegrinder hardly has an evening free this entire month!

So, it was off to the launch of the new Vault Room exhibition at South Kensington’s Natural History Museum the other evening.

On hand was Oscar-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren, who can do the Queen so well.

Among the hackettes was one over-zealous fan, who decided it was appropriate to give Dame Helen a curtsy. Who was this person, you might wonder? None other than Katie Glass, one of Richard Kay’s freelance team working on his Daily Mail diary.

She grabbed a quick chat with Dame Helen and a reporter from The Mail on Sunday, Nathan Kay.

When the interview came to a close Dame Helen gave The Mail on Sunday reporter a firm handshake and then turned to Katie, who held out her hand and dipped into a right royal curtsy, which sent Dame Helen and The Mail on Sunday reporter into a fit of giggles.

Helen then retorted: “Don’t be silly. I’m not the bloody Queen, love.”

For her part, Katie took it all in her stride, and didn’t even blush.

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