Mail Online publishes images of Charles and Camilla sunbathing - but Daily Mail reports being 'censored'

The British media has been "banned" from publishing widely-circulated images of the Prince of Wales sunbathing in Australia, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper published a blank frame on Saturday with the word "censored" written over it. But Mail Online, the newspaper's sister website which has an Australian edition, made a decision to publish the images.

The headline on the Mail Online story currently says: "See the pictures of Prince Charles in bright yellow swimming trunks and Camilla in a swimsuit broadcast to millions of Australians that you WON'T see them in any British newspaper".

Footage of Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at the official residence of Western Australia’s governor in Perth was broadcast of national television Down Under and published online.

The Daily Mail reported on Saturday how it had been told by Clarence House that publication on the pictures would represent a privacy breach.

The Mail reported: "The footage was widely viewed on national television and published on Australian websites, with royal aides declaring they were 'relaxed' about the publication.

"However, the images cannot be seen in the UK as British media were asked by Clarence House to refrain from publishing, out of 'respect for the couple's privacy'."

The Mail also told how the couple were pictured walking around the gardens of another governor's residence in Sydney last year, as were the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George.

The newspaper said: "Then, like now, royal aides declared they were 'very relaxed' about the pictures – but warned British media that using them would be considered a clear breach of privacy."

The Mail reported Clarence House as saying the latest images "were taken during a day off whilst Their Royal Highnesses are clearly enjoying private time".

The Mail said: "A spokesman declined to comment on whether they planned to make an official to media concerned, but it does not appear legal action is being considered."

Mail Online reported: “Despite this, they will not be used by British newspapers as publications were asked by Clarence House to refrain from publishing, out of 'respect for the couple's privacy'.

“However, MailOnline is a also major publisher in Australia – the country's fourth biggest news website in fact – and also the rest of the world and has therefore taken the decision to use the pictures, which have been widely circulated online.”

Clarence House said in a statement: "The photographs were taken during a day off whilst TRHs are clearly enjoying private time. We would ask media to respect the privacy of the couple and to abide by the privacy laws which exist in the UK."

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