Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins set to launch weekly TV show

Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins is set to launch a weekly TV show.

The video broadcast will begin at around five minutes moving to a longer format after six weeks. It will begin at fortnightly frequency and then move to weekly.

Initially it will be online-only and promoted via social media.

Neil Sean’s Maycon Productions is to film the show at the Westminster Live studios and the hope is that it will develop into a full-length TV show.

Hopkins said: “I wanted the backdrop of my weekly show to have an iconic view of London and could think of nowhere better than Westminster Live. My plan is to expand the brand and I believe with Maycon Productions and the studios of Westminster Live I have found the perfect home.”

The programme is being produced independently of Mail Online.

Hopkins was sacked as a presenter on LBC in May this year have she said on Twitter than “final solution” had to be found after the Manchester terror attack.



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15 thoughts on “Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins set to launch weekly TV show”

  1. We wonder why tyhis country is so hate-filled and miserable for so many, when we reward the kind of bile Hopkins spreads by giving her greater access to a wider audience. All in the name of money-grubbing. The Mail has no sense of shame…

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