Mail finds Gary Glitter spoof 'appalling' but too good to ignore

Today’s Daily Mail is typically outraged to learn that 15 council staff – including social workers – have been punished or given warnings after they circulated an email image of Gary Glitter carrying a child in a shopping bag.

The Mail article calls the image – which shows the disgraced singer holding a bag with a superimposed child’s face popping out of the top – ‘sick’and ‘appalling”.

But obviously not so ‘sick’and ‘appalling’that the Mail felt unable to share the picture with its readers.

A helpful sub even put a red circle around the child’s face to assist those slow or short-sighted readers struggling to be offended.

Interestingly, while the paper obscured most of the upper part of the face with a black rectangle, the Mail’s website revealed much more of the anonymous child.

Shocking indeed.



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