Mail apologises to mother for Facebook party story

The Daily Mail today joined the Daily Telegraph and The Times in apologising to a mother for suggesting she ‘failed to exercise parental control”.

The Mail’s story on 30 May last year – headlined ‘Trail of destruction at £4.4m villa after 400 crash Facebook party’reported damage caused at Jodie Hudson’s 16th birthday party.

Today’s page 21 apology to Jodie’s mother, Amanda, said: ‘An article…suggested that Amanda Hudson failed to exercise parental control over her daughter’s 16th birthday party and that her property was badly damaged by drunken teenagers.

‘We accept these allegations were untrue and we apologise to Amanda Hudson for any embarrassment caused.”

The Times apologised for the same story on 17 December. The Telegraph apologised on 18 December, both for the story and for readers’ comments which wrongly suggested Amanda Hudson had punched her daughter in the face.

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