Mag's letters page is coming up short

Does Shortlist have the most obviously self-written letters page in publishing?
This was the scurrilous suggestion from one Press Gazette reader who compiled a short list of Shortlist’s finest letters:

1 “Irony and topical snacks rolled into one? Yes please!” ‘Enzo’

2 “I am yet another woman who wants to praise you for making such a brilliant mag.” ‘Nina’

3 “Shortlist is a refreshing change from the usual smut that litters other men’s magazines.” ‘MerkDog’

4 “From comedy to style to interesting features that aren’t about what models call their breasts… Shortlist is cracking!” ‘Saul’

And finally, the moment the Shortlist scribes finally lost their minds:

5 “I’m loving the letters section ‒ reader after reader gushing about the fact that Shortlist is so brilliant!” ‘Tori’

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