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Michael Piggott, 24, Southampton, In between jobs

Arena is probably the main one I buy, generally because I like it. When I was younger I bought FHM, but I stopped because the photo shoots in Arena are better and the content is less jokey. I’ve been buying Arena for about two years, in magazine format. The articles are better than FHM and it’s a bit more adult, there’s a broader range of issues and it’s a bit more interesting. I sometimes read the Guardian and Times online.

Panrapa Poojiralasem, 25, Thailand, Student

I buy Look or Heat. It just depends on the front covers which ones I buy.

Jo Moore, 35, London, Full-time mum

I buy lifestyle magazines. At the moment I buy Elle Decoration as I’ve just bought a house and I’m doing it up. I also buy fashion magazines – again, Elle mostly. I buy it to keep up with the trends as I worked in the fashion industry before. Every now and then when I’m feeling a bit overweight I buy health and diet magazines. I usually buy paper format but I have signed up for some fashion websites. I’ve always bought the same magazines.

Danielle Emina, 16, London, Student

I buy fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Super Super, ID and Vogue, because I find them interesting. I buy Vogue and ID mainly. I don’t go out of my way to buy the others but I’ll buy if I see them. I’ve only started reading Super Super. I’ve stopped reading magazines like Bliss because I think I’ve grown up.

James Marsh, 27, London, Actor

I buy Empire, Edge and Sight & Sound. I tend to use the internet as well as buying magazines. I find nowadays that I can see a lot of the things that I’m interested in online on YouTube, and I can read the reviews there.

Vernon Song, 31, London, IT manager

I buy PC Pro as I’m into computers and it keeps me up to date for work. I also occasionally buy Stuff and T3 if there’s something in them I want to read or a good offer. I used to subscribe to .Net but cancelled it because there was just too much information, and you can get that on the net these days. I also buy cycling magazines now and again as cycling’s a hobby.

Gyasi Patterson, 18, London, Student

I read Vogue and GQ Style. I’ll buy anything that has an attractive front cover, an interesting article or special offer.

Jack Barnes, 68, London, Film-maker

I always buy Classic Boat as I’m obsessed with antique sailing boats. I buy two classic car magazines: Classic Cars and Classic & Sports Car. I have always bought these, as I think you get used to a certain style of magazine. I always read them in magazine format. My other interest is film, as I’m a film-maker, but there are no decent film magazines around at the moment. I think Sight & Sound is on its last legs.

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