Magazine ABCs: Celebrity weeklies show signs of fatigue

Closer took the top spot in the celebrity weeklies which slowed signs of slowing down overall.

Closer remained queen of the celebrity weeklies but suffered a drop in circulation to 570,239, down 3.4 per cent. Sister Emap title Heat similarly fell 3.7 per cent, to 558,365.

The third title in the Emap trilogy, First, crept to a circulation of 106,961 – just over 6000 more copies than six months ago. The title is due for a complete revamp in September under new editor Jane Ennis.

Ennis previously reigned over once dominant IPC celebrity weekly Now, which slummed by 8.5 per cent year on year to 494,229.

Celebrity love-ins like Northern & Shell’s OK! and rival Hello! held steady in the market, up 1.7 and 4 per cent respectively.

Northern & Shell’s Heat-style weeklies, New and Star were also down 3.7 per cent and 5.4 per cent year on year. But a similar copycat, ACP-Natmag’s Reveal, was up 1.5 per cent to 347,257 in circulation.

Closer 570,239 –3.4 per cent
Heat 558,365 –3.7 per cent
OK! 557,014 +1.7 per cent
Now 494,229 –8.5 per cent|
New! 442,003 –3.7 per cent
Hello! 419,814 +4 per cent
Reveal 347,257 +1.5 per cent
Star 254,282 –5.4 per cent
First 106,961 N/A

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