Mag sales are on the rise

How depressing and misleading that you should, against a graphic of
tumbling ABCs, choose to pick on a few titles that are having a tougher
time under the heading: “Mag bosses rethink their marketing plans as
ABC figures tell their own story” (19 August). You ignored the real

In fact, the latest ABC figures showed more overall sales
of magazines (up by 28 million copies) and sales value (up £12m)
year-on-year – the fifth successive year magazines have enjoyed this
relentless upward growth.

Of course, in a sector of 8,500 titles,
3,400 of them sold at retail, with at least one new title launched
every working day of the year, there will be those that suffer from the

But that is magazine publishing: innovation drives success through exciting consumers’ interests – and it goes on working.

No wonder magazines were voted the number one medium at the recent Media 360 event.

Ian Locks chief executive Periodical Publishers Association

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