Mag ABCs: Sky titles are top three overall

Free customer titles dominate the Top 20 list of biggest circulation magazines in the UK.

Magazines for Sky TV subscribers take the top three slots with the next positions on the list occupied by loyalty magazines published for the supermarkets Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Five actively-purchased magazines made it into the top 20: TV Choice, What’s on TV, Radio Times, Take a Break and Saga.

Top 20 biggest circulation magazines in the first half of 2009 according to ABC (percentage actively purchased in brackets)

Skymag: 7,545,510 (0.0%)

Sky Sports Magazine (UK): 4,197,870 (0.0%)

Sky Movies Magazine (UK Edition): 3,508,817 (0.0%)

Asda Magazine: 2,524,175 (0.0%)

Tesco Magazine: 1,998,407 (0.0%)

Sainsbury’s Fresh Ideas: 1,499,499 (0.0%)

TV Choice: 1,335,894 (100.0%)What’s on TV 1,270,032 100.0%

The Somerfield Magazine: 1,003,795 (0.0%)

Radio Times: 961,114 (99.9%)

Morrisons Magazine: 934,535 (0.0%)

Take a Break: 914,109 (100.0%)

Sense Magazine: 821,895 (0.0%)

Sky Kids: 755,141 (0.0%)

Saga Magazine: 652,055 (98.1%)

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