Mag ABCs: sales down across board for real life titles

Every real life title was down year on year as new entrants took their slice of the market share.

Bauer’s Take a Break maintained its dominance at the top with 1,027,013
weekly sales but the title was down 11.1 per cent year on year.

Fellow traditional real life weeklies IPC’s Chat and Bauer’s That’s Life were also down – 6.8 and 10.8 per cent respectively.

The innovator in the sector – IPC’s Pick Me Up – was down 13.7
per cent year on year to 424,410. Its 2004 launch was credited with
sparking a launch frenzy that produced last year’s new entrants Love It
and Real People. Both titles maintained an ABCs figure at their initial
target – of over 400,000 for News Magazines’ Love It and over 300,000
for Natmags’ Real People.

The classic women’s weeklies all took a hit as IPC’s Woman,
Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Own, ACP-Natmags Best showed declines year
on year.

Women's weeklies magazine ABCs for second half of 2006 (year on year)

Real life

Take a Break – 1,027,013, down11.1 per cent

Chat – 537,464, down 10.8 per cent

That’s Life – 464,762, down 15.5 per cent

Pick Me Up – 424,410, down 13.7 per cent

Love it! – 407,914, N/A

Real People – 311,075, N/A

Full House – 181,555, down 23.0 per cent

Classic Women's

Woman – 388, 998, down 14.8 per cent

Woman’s Weekly – 387,098, down 6.7 per cent

Best – 362,417, down 9.6 per cent

Woman’s Own – 356, 811, down 12.9 per cent

People’s Friend – 346,962, down 3.4 per cent

Bella – 316,281, down 17 per cent

My Weekly – 196,809, down 7.9 per cent

The Lady – 31,752, down 4.1 per cent

Woman’s Way, 26,448, down 0.3 per cent

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