MacLennan pays tribute to Fletcher

Telegraph boss Murdoch MacLennan has paid tribute to outgoing editorial director Kim Fletcher.
The Telegraph Group chief executive explained that
Fletcher was asked to leave to avoid a possible conflict of interest
following the appointment of his wife Sarah Sands as editor of the
Sunday Telegraph.
MacLennan said: “We are all very sorry to see Kim
go. I’m sure his many and varied talents will be snapped up elsewhere.
He has given sterling service and deserves every success in the future.
We wish him the very best.”
Fletcher said: “I sat down this week with Murdoch
MacLennan for a most amicable discussion. He was extremely
accommodating and suggested a number of possible roles.
“When our new owners came in I felt I owed the
company a year to help see through the changes. The year has passed
quickly and now seems a good time to move on. Murdoch and I shook hands
on that.
“I shall be here for another three months and
leave with the warmest feelings towards the Telegraph Group. I’ve got
some very interesting business propositions to explore.”
Fletcher began his career at The Star, in
Sheffield, and after shifting on the nationals was given a staff job at
the Sunday Times. He became deputy editor of the Sunday Telegraph in
1988 and editor of the Independent on Sunday in 1998.
He is chairman of the National Council for the Training of Journalists.
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