Mackenzie bet shortens Blair bet odds

Sun Columnist Kelvin Mackenzie’s bet on Tony Blair being
arrested over the loan for honours row has shortened the odds on such an arrest
according to bookmakers William Hill.

Former Sun editor Mackenzie wrote about placing £1,000 at
odds of 10 to one on the Prime Minister being arrested before the end of the year
over the furore that has seen Lord Levy, the Labour Party’s chief treasurer,

Mackenzie wrote in Thursday’s Sun: “I think I’ve just made
the easiest £10,000 of my life. Isn’t it incredible that I should think the bet
is likely to win and isn’t it amazing that a bookie would lay it.”

He added: “I wanted to put £2,000 but was restricted to
£1,000. Clearly the bookies were trembling – I was on to something.”

According to Friday’s Sun the odds fell to six to one by the end of
Thursday after more than 200 customers had place bets of up to £250 on the
arrest of Blair.

Mackenzie said that he was now deciding whether or not to
have a bet on both David Cameron and Blair being arrested.

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