Lovelorn journos offered a pathway to true romance

Unsociable hours, low income and a reputation for being less trustworthy than estate agents – it’s not surprising journalists find it hard to attract their perfect partner, writes Mary Stevens. But now a dating agency is trying to help them out.

So many media workers were turning up at events organised by Speed Dater, the London-based match-making company, that it has launched an event exclusively for creative, media and marketing professionals.

Ben Tisdall, director of Speed Dater, said. “A huge number of Londoners work in the media, and the average television producer is likely to have a lot more in common with, say, a magazine journalist or a graphic designer than a city accountant.”

Between 50 and 60 single men and women will meet in a bar and each will be issued with a scorecard, a pen and a badge. The men sit opposite the women and the dating starts. After three minutes, a bell rings and the men move round one place.

Each dater marks on the card who they would like to see again and hands it in at the end of the evening. Where there’s a match, Speed Dater passes on contact details within 48 hours.

Tickets for the event, on 25 February at Tiger Tiger in London, cost £30.

Mary Stevens

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