Love the new accessories, darling

From: A. Lady Subject: New accessories Gosh, haven’t you all been
hard at work. At its heart, Press Gazette has not changed that much.
But as every girl-about-town knows, with a new pair of shoes and bag,
one can transform an outfit.

I love the new accessories –
Axegrinder, Grey Cardi, Press Conference. The mag began to feel
endearingly cliquey – even though I haven’t heard of half of the hacks
in Axegrinder and I noticed the Press Club Ball host Katy Pullinger
(who?) sneaked unnecessarily into two photos.

I am looking
forward to the next issue and hope the person who cut out the Rebekah
and Littlejohn love-in pic from my copy will sod off and buy their own.

I would also like to point out that the 1pm girl will not be able to
remain undercover for long – anyone who leaves such a lipstick mark on
glassware must either have oddly small labia or else hold the
expression of someone about to blow up a balloon.

A. Lady Wapping

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