Londonpaper claims lead in grabbing young people

In week three of London's free newspaper war, News International has claimed that thelondonpaper now reaches more young ABC1 readers than either Metro or the Evening Standard.

It claimed that distribution of thelondonpaper is running at between 320,000 and 370,000 a day. This compares to a claimed distribution of 390,000 a day last week from Associated Newspapers' London Lite.

Ian Clark, head of News International Free Newspapers, revealed that survey company TNS had questioned some 800 thelondonpaper readers so far.

And he said the results revealed that 49 per cent were in the ABC1 demographic and under 35. He said this compares with 39 per cent of Metro readers and 22 per cent of readers of the Evening Standard (according to the National Readership Survey).

Clark said: "We are extremely pleased with the quality of our audience".

He said that thelondonpaper had a lower distribution than London Lite partly because it was only available between 4.30pm and 7.30pm, whereas London Lite is available in some areas from midday.

Clark said he expected thelondonpaper to draw level with London Lite within the next couple of weeks.

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