London Lite presents “once in a lifetime opportunity” for Associated

Associated Newspapers today claimed that its new free daily – London Lite – represents a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to tap into a new market for newspapers.

Today the publisher embarked on a second “dummy run” of publishing the paper, which was expected to involve distributing 100,000 copies. The full launch is tomorrow (Wednesday).

Head of Associated Newspapers’ Free Newspaper Division Steve Auckland said today: “As the phenomenal success of Metro has proved – and as the only company to have successfully launched new newspapers in London – Associated is uniquely placed to understand this most exciting of newspaper markets. We believe there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into a new area of the marketplace not served by any London title already existing or planned.

"With the Office of Fair Trading inquiry into afternoon distribution on public transport operators out of the way, we are now in a position to implement our long held plans for London.

"The London Metro is regarded as the best free morning newspaper anywhere in the world, and we intend to emulate its success with London Lite in the afternoon. We are convinced that its lively, breezy format will be very attractive to advertisers and to a large audience of young Londoners, who have given up on newspapers such as The Sun."

London Lite is expected to have a distribution of 400,000 din London transport zone one. Next Monday, News International is expected to launch its free daily – thelondonpaper – which will target the same market with 400,000 free copies.

First look at Associated's London Lite

Interview with thelondonpaper editor Stefano Hatfield

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