London Lite has highest story count

In terms of story count London Lite comes out on top of London's three evening papers.

Press Gazette's analysis of the news sections (including business and sport) of London Lite, thelondonpaper and the Evening Standard on Monday revealed that Lite has the most stories, 83, followed by the Standard, on 78, and thelondonpaper on 64.

In terms of total content the Standard is streets ahead of the frees – providing far more in-depth coverage and many more columnists – but in terms of range of news coverage there is not much in it.

For unique stories thelondonpaper has the lead – with 40 stories – followed by London Lite on 32 and the Evening Standard on 28. It should be noted that this exercise only looked at the lunchtime edition of the Standard.

In terms of overlapping content, perhaps not surprisingly, the Standard and London Lite had the most stories in common, 32, reflecting the fact that often the same source copy is used in both papers. Only five or six stories were to be found in both thelondonpaper and either the Standard or London Lite.

Morning paper Metro appears to provide the best "value" for readers in terms of stories. Press Gazette looked at Tuesday's edition of Metro and counted 87 stories – of which some 28 had already appeared in one of the previous day's London evenings.

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