Liverpool Daily Post: Company bans our blog

The City editor of the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo says his blog has been banned from the computers of Liverpool Direct Limited, a joint venture between Liverpool Council and British Telecom.

David Bartlett has written a series of critical articles about LDL, but claims a post about the company providing Christmas gifts to its staff got his blog ‘Dale Street Blues’ banned from the company’s computers.

Bartlett wrote in a post headlined ‘Banned’ last week:

If you are reading this blog you are clearly not working at Liverpool Direct Limited (LDL).
This blog has been banned by LDL – the controversial joint venture between Liverpool Council and BT.

I’ve written numerous stories about LDL:
– How outside investigators thought the joint venture was “opaque” and “lacked transparency”
– How the city council is yet to have a penny of profit from the deal
– How the city council has spent more than £223,000 with consultants investigating the LDL contract for more than a year.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was THIS blog post about the little “LDL is a great place to work” gonk that was handed out to workers this week.

LDL may have that thought that by giving the gonk to workers “Santa had arrived early”, but clearly he didn’t bring managers at the company a sense of humour.

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